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11 years old, beautiful, kind and very good minded gelding.

Has been a pony horse at the track and owner wants to find him a good loving home… he is a real nice quality gelding –

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Another mare too slow to keep racing – please click on the image to enlarge

This mare is 16.2hh and 6 this year. Race horse trained under saddle. No race track damage and is clean legged and sound. Ready for a new career – good minded, kind and easy to work with. She does crib is her only vice.

2000.00 or best offer


2015sylveadarktbmarerightside 2015sylveadarktbmareright2 2015sylveadarktbmareheadshot

Too slow to keep racing! Please click on the images to enlarge

Lovely and nice minded TB mare – 4 years old, 16hh. Race track trained under saddle.

Has no race track damage, but does have a bump on her knee from a pasture cut that is expected to reduce to nothing with a bit more time

No stables vices

2000.00 or best offer.

2015sylvealighttbmarerightside 2015sylvealighttbmarehead


Lovely moving, talented Grey TB mare – registered, 15.2hh. Did race – pedigree is here –

This is a very well started mare – talented, kind and easy to ride… uncomplicated and moves out well. Sound and sane. Good for a Novice/Amateur in a good program.

This lovely minded mare is quite simple to ride – responsive to the aids and has a  solid training base. She responds to all levels of rider and does not get ruffled about anything so far. No spookiness. Getting clean changes – ready to go to the next level..

Good ground manners, stands tied, baths, trailers, good with her feet(currently barefoot) no stable vices and no unsoundness. She had a bowed tendon that was fully  re habbed with no further issues. The owner who re habbed her is available to talk about the issue if anyone would like the contact information

Owner selling due to horse being too talented to sit in the back yard while the owner is off working for long stretches of time.


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Video here from last year –


2015hanksandrajanuaryright 2015hanksandrajanuary2 2015hanksandrajanuary1

Black Dutch warmblood gelding – registered CWHBA born in 2004. 16.1 1/2hh



Anyone can ride this delightful, fun and talented horse – super personality, good movement and trained in all disciplines

Mastermind – 12,500.00 Located in Richmond BC. 16.2hh. Born in 2004. Registered Dutch Warmblood gelding. Suitable for all disciplines and for all levels of Amateurs. Loves to work, easy to ride and safe. Hacks out down the trail, not spooky, big stride and lovely, balanced canter. Jumps up in the 3′ range. Super personality and loveable horse. No vices, no buck bolt or rear etc…auto changes over the fences. Sorry no leasing available at this time

Will be at Thunderbird February 13th to 15th for the Winter Series Show


2011hankwebcanter 2011hankstanding 2011hankleftwebstanding 2011hankcanter




TB gelding, not registered, never raced etc.
16hh 6 years old.
Friendly, but mostly just halter broke… has been in the paddock to stall life in winter and out in the pastures all spring to Fall… been sat one once.
He was brought down from the interior to lower mainland with the intention of race training, but it never happened
Owner has not had much time for him and he has been enjoying the life of Leisure and she wants to get him sold into a good home
He will free jump 4′ and has good movement from what we could see in the pasture. No issues, he is quite nicely built and decent feet(although may need a trim)
Nice solid horse, on the fat side(for a change) :) with a good shoulder width and straight legs in front… he did not appear to toe in/out that I could see, but we were in the pasture grass so a bit hard to tell
He also has a good hind end







2014corrinetbrightside 2014corrinetbrightside2

Beautiful, grey 2010 registered Thoroughbred filly.

Straight from the track this year- she ran a few times with not much success – she came here end of August – and getting some down time to unwind and become a good riding horse – super easy and quiet, gentle and kind, this talented filly has the conformation for the Hunters. Take your time with her and let her grow up

This horse did hurt her ankle kicking the stall walls when at the track, but she is on a full recovery – when she first arrived, she was un sound on the leg, but now she is well recovered, but the ankle is still slightly puffy.

This mare has plenty of presence – and is so quiet and kind, she will be suitable for anyone to ride with more training. This horse was started right and has no stable vices, and no buck, bolt or rear.

This is a very well bred mare from Kentucky, and related to the Thoroughbred who just won at Woodbine a few weeks ago. More details on her breeding available if you are interested.



Smaller, kind and talented mare available for 1/2 lease in Richmond. Suit advanced beginner looking to ride 2-3 times a week and take lessons. Primarily for Dressage work. Horse will stay at current location


Send an email for more details